The old journalist needs one final fact to complete his last will.

"That case was a sentimental one. Paul Litzer was writing his last will and needed me to find his old love, one Lola Chalupiec."

There is one Bonus Case that can be found.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Paul Litzer: I have a private matter to settle and could use your skills, detective. I need some thing wrapped up for my last will.

Detective: I don't want to be too inquisitive, but are you... Paul Litzer: No, I'm fine. But thanks for the concern. It's just that... I'm an old man. I was thinking about a lot of things recently. I don't want to leave any loose ends hanging in the event of my passing. Detective: Understandable. And what business do you want to finish?

Detective: Oh, gosh, are you...? Paul Litzer: Don't worry dear, I'm fine. It's just that... I'm an old man. I was thinking about a lot of things recently. I don't want to leave any loose ends hanging in the event of my passing. Detective: You had me worried for a moment. So, what business do you want to finish?

Paul Litzer: There was a woman in my life, Lola Chalupiec. We parted a long time ago. I want to reconcile with her and include her in my will, but I don't even know where she is. Find her for me, please.

Witnesses[edit | edit source]

Detective: Paul's love affair happened a long time ago. Will I be able to find his old flame?

  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 1 knuckle
  • 3 photos
  • 4 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: Ok, I give up. Either Lola Chalupiec doesn't want to be found, or she disapeared[sic] from the face of the Earth.

If you win:

Detective: If my informations are correct, this is the last place where Mrs. Chalupiec lived.

Detective: Excuse me, madam. Have you heard the name Lola Chalupiec?

Hannah Gardner: Lola, is it? I remember a Lola living in this house before I bought it. I don't know why she moved out. But I remember someone left a note... let me find it.

Detective: Those are driving directions... And a date from five years ago. Well, let's check it out.

City search: A Turn for the Worse[edit | edit source]

Detective: The city sure changed over those years. Will I be able to find the place?

Lola Chalupiec is:

  • more than 3 from landmarks
  • not more than 2 from a port
  • more than 4 from theaters
  • exactly 3 from a post office
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 2 landmarks

Solution: (8,3)

If you fail:

Detective: Those directions are worthless. I won't find Lola following them.

If you win:

Detective: A... church? Hmmm. Let's go inside.

Crime scene search:Permanent Residence[edit | edit source]

Detective: The church is empty. I have a chance to find some clues about Lola's whereabouts before the next mass starts.

If you examine the ad board:

Detective: Hmmm... an ad board. Maybe someone needs a detective?

When you find the bonus case:

Detective: "Vampire hunter wanted. High reward." Wow! I better write down the contact number. This sounds like a very bizarre case.

Screenshot 2014-07-24-17-07-21.png

If you fail:

Detective: It's no use. I'll obviously won't find her here. What would she be doing in a church anyway?

If you win.

Detective: A grave? Those directions... they were for Lola's funeral service. Paul will be so upset when he hears the news...

Detective: But wait, what's this? Fresh flowers? "To my beloved Mother on the fifth anniversary of her passing." Maybe finding Lola's child will be of some consolation to Paul.

Suspect identification: The Last Goodbye[edit | edit source]

Detective: Excuse me, father. There are fresh flowers on Lola Chalupiec's grave. Could you help me identify the person who placed them?

Malcolm King: Hmmm... I remember she named her kid after the father, but my memory isn't what it used to be. I'll try to do the best I can.

Solution: Pola Chapelle

If you fail:

Malcolm King: I'm sorry child, but I cannot assist you further. I need to attend mass.

Detective: Of course, father.

Detective: I don't think I have any more leads. I need to contact Paul.

If you win:

Detective: Pola, I need to ask you a personal question. Your mother was named Lola Chalupiec, wasn't she?

Pola Chapelle: Yes, yes she was. I changed my last name after she died. I didn't know you considered me and my past so interesting.

Detective: Paul Litzer asked me to find his old love. Your mother.

Pola Chapelle: Oh. This actually explains a lot... I never knew my father. You know, I decided to work for the newspaper, because mum always talked so fondly of Litzer's journalism.

Detective: You mean you're... Paul's daughter?

Pola Chapelle: I... I guess so. I really need to talk to him!

Finale[edit | edit source]

If you fail:

Detective: I'm afraid I won't be able to find her, Paul. She's a thing of the past now. Better not dwell on it too much.

Paul Litzer: Maybe you're right. It's just hard, being old and lonely. I don't have many relatives, you know. Who'll remember old Litzer when he's gone, eh? Maybe I'll donate my money to charity?

If you win:

Detective: I guess Pola already talked with you. How did it go?

Paul Litzer: We talked about the past, about Lola... We knew each other before, but now, everything changed. I want to make up for all the years I should've been by her side... but wasn't.

Paul Litzer: I'm just afraid I'm too old to be a father.

Detective: You're the reason she became a journalist. That means something. Paul Litzer: Thanks. I'm not the only person she looks up to, you know. Just don't disappoint her, gumshoe.

Detective: Oh, stop it, Paul. You're the reason she became a journalist.You'll be a great father. Paul Litzer: Thanks. I'm not the only person she looks up to, you know. It's good to see that the two of you are friends.

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