An important city official resigns from his post and it's your job to figure out why.

"Commissioner Valentino left his job and Lucy blames the latest article by Pola Chapelle. I need to intervene."


Detective: What's the matter, honey? Not enough sugar in your lemonade? Maybe I can do something to sweeten your day?

Lucy Gordon: I don't think you can help with this. Commissioner Valentino announced out of the blue, that he's retiring. It was a shock to everyone at the station.

Detective: Hey there, girl! Why the sour face? You look like you could use a soda.

Lucy Gordon: Commissioner Valentino announced out of the blue, that he's retiring. It was a shock to everyone at the station.

Detective: What? Why?

Lucy Gordon: If I had to guess, I'd say: Chapelle. She wrote that slanderous article about police inaction. I bet that was the last straw that broke Valentino's back.

Detective: Maybe I can do something after all. Just wait and see.


Detective: There's a lot of gossip about Valentino's retirement, but I need hard facts.

  • 4 maps
  • 4 fingerprints
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 2 maps
  • Policeman: 10 donuts
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps

If you fail:

Detective: Everything I hear on the street is some variation of Pola's article in the Daily News. And that's not enough for me.

If you win:

Detective: So the retirement wasn't Valentino's own idea. Someone pushed him to make the decision, and that was right after Pola's article...

Pola Chapelle: What?! You don't think I used my connections to make Valentino resign?! I just wrote the article! I never thought...

Detective: Yeah, I figured. You never thought about the consequences. And now you ruined the reputation of this city's finest cop.

Pola Chapelle: I can fix this, I promise! I'll write a correction!

Detective: The damage has been done. Valentino was forced to resign. But not all is lost. Come on, you're going with me.

Suspect identification: Friends in High PlacesEdit

Detective: We need to find someone with enough political influence to reinstate Valentino. With their help and your cooperation, it might actually work.

Pola Chapelle: Right. Someone who knows Valentino personally, and might be interested in his return...

Screenshot 2014-08-01-14-45-11

Solution: Joss Harshfield

If you fail:

Detective: Looks like everyone left Valentino for dead. No one will help him.

If you win:

Detective: Judge Harshfield. Maybe we never exactly saw eye to eye, but I'll bet you want Valentino's reinstatement as much as I.

Joss Harshfield: Reinstate Valentino? And how am I supposed to do that?

Detective: I've got Chapelle's support. She promised to write a correction.

Joss Harshfield: You really think it's just about that article? Nah. The police files from the original Bravucci investigation went missing. They'd never surface if not for the prison break.

Detective: So Valentino was forced to retire because one of his police officers lost Bravucci's file? Wow, that's bigger than I thought, and it's not exactly Pola's fault, either.

Crime scene search: Forensic FortressEdit

Detective: Bravucci's files were probably kept here, in the forensic science division. luckily I know the layout...

Detective: Hmmm, the security looks tighter than it was before. I think they might have changed some things after my last visit.

Screenshot 2014-08-01-14-57-35

If you fail:

Detective: I found nothing. Could Valentino be really responsible for those missing documents?

If you win:

Detective: The file wasn't lost! Someone destroyed it on purpose. And it wasn't even long ago. I bet it happened after Bravucci escaped from prison!

Detective: I need to find Valentino and tell him about this.

City search: Sleeping with the FishesEdit

Lucy Gordon: Honey, you don't have much time! Valentino just called. He told me it was a honor to work with me, and that we'll never see each other again.

Lucy Gordon: You don't have much time, girl! Valentino just called. He told me it was a honor to work with me, and that we'll never see each other again.

Detective: He once said that the job was the only thing that kept him alive. Do you think he...?

Lucy Gordon: I don't know. I hope not. You must find him. He made the call somewhere from the Twin Lakes area.

Valentino has been seen:

  • more than 3 from farms
  • not more than 3 from a campsite
  • more than 3 from hospitals
  • more than 2 from pubs
  • more than 3 from shops
  • more than 2 from churches
  • not more than 8 from a train station
  • not 5 from factories
  • On the map there are 2 farms
  • On the map there are 4 campsites
  • On the map there are 3 shops
  • On the map there are 2 train stations
  • On the map there are 2 factories
Screenshot 2014-08-01-15-12-07

Solution: (6,11)

If you fail:

Detective: I can't find him anywhere! I hope he didn't... you know.

Lucy Gordon: I'll notify the police at Twins Lake. They'll have a better chance at finding him than you do.

If you win:

Detective: Commissioner... Errr, Mr. Valentino!

James Valentino: Not so loud, kid. You're scaring away the fish!

Detective: Oh, yeah. Right. Sooo... how are you, Mr. Valentino?

James Valentino: Never better! At first I was distraught, but now I think it was for the best. I can finally relax and put all that dirt behind me.

Detective: But there was no fault on your side! Bravucci's file was destroyed on purpose!

James Valentino: Yeah. I suspected as much. Listen, kid. Tell that Chapelle gal that I really wanted to catch Bravucci and get to the truth. And that was a mistake. Someone more powerful than me decided I was going too far.

James Valentino: I'll give you a choice. My notes are in my P.O. box in the Lincoln Building. You can check out what I managed to find.

James Valentino: Or, you could forget about Bravucci. Relax. Spend some quality time with Lucy. There's no shame in giving up.

James Valentino: Or, you could forget about Bravucci. Relax. Spend some quality time with that rascal boyfriend of yours. There's no shame in giving up.


If you fail:

Detective: Sorry, Lucy. I don't think he'll ever be back from retirement.

Lucy Gordon: The police force will never be the same without him. But we must go on, regardless.

If you win:

Lucy Gordon: So he's genuinely happy with his retirement?

Detective: Yeah. Valentino is OK. But someone really wanted to dissuade him from solving the Bravucci case. And that bugs me a lot.

Lucy Gordon: I know. And it all leads to a disturbing conclusion: someone important is behind this. Someone who had the power to bring down the commissioner.

Detective: Luckily for me, I'm a bigger candy than they can chew. There's a neat café at the Lincoln Building. Let's make the best of it and get a nice Arabica before investigating Valentino's notes.

Detective: Luckily for me, I'm a bigger candy than they can chew. When Leo asks me for another date, maybe I should suggest grabbing a coffee at the Lincoln Building...

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