Pola Chapelle is a newspaper writer. who first appeared in Important Informant as a new employee of Paul Litzer after Maud Beans quits.

In Perky Promotion, she tells the detective about Marrion Naples.

In Costly Cover, she tells the detective about the smuggling operation.

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In Tedious Testament, the detective finds out that she is Paul Litzer's daughter.

In Funeral Face-off, she asks the detective to find the arsonist.

In Picky Publisher, the detective asks her to show him her father's notes about his last case.

In Museum Menace, she suggests going to the museum to see an exhibition about pirate treasures.

In Jittery Judge, she tells the detective about Joss Harshfield dealing severe punishment for petty sugar-related crimes.

In Mayor's Manuscript, the detective asks her about Nicole Pravinsky.

In Breaking the Bank, the detective asks her for directions to the "La Figaro".

In Mysterious Mastermind, the helps the detective catch the criminal mastermind. In the end, she thinks the detective is the mastermind and runs away.

In Voting Vendetta, she asks the detective about the Sugarbomber.

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In Headline Hunters, she was the one who was spying Sam Lowry.

In Bombing the Ballot, the detective encounters her, and some time later, she calls the police.

In Problematic Past, she tells the detective that her father was murdered in cold blood.

In Enigmatic Escape, she asks the detective to interrogate John Bravucci about Paul Litzer's death.

In Rough Retirement, it was believed that her article was what made James Valentino resign, and she decides to write a correction.

In Forgotten Fugitive, she asks the detective to find where John Bravucci is.

In Insidious Investments, the detective asks her to show him her father's notes about companies that closed.

In Guilty Government, she helps the detective defeat Alphonse Covet.

In Newspaper Nightmare, the detective tells her that someone is moving his newspapers.

In Vanishing Visitors, she tells the detective about the UFO.


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  • Long Time No See
  • Walk on Sunshine

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Pola Chapelle is the name of an actual actress/singer.

It's likely her first name come from the word Polaroid, a type of instant camera.

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