Nosy journalist needs a hot topic.

"I'm not into celebrities so when Pola asked to investigate Marrion Naples, I was skeptical. But cash is cash."


Pola Chapelle: You heard about Marrion Naples, haven't you? A celebrity from a rich family. I was working on a routine article about her, but I noticed something odd.

Detective: I'm not a fan of celebrity gossip. Pola. Where's the case?

Pola Chapelle: She's leaving home at odd hours, taking long routes to avoid being followed. Her husband never notices a thing, but I'm sure she's up to something. Come on, we'll talk on the way!


Detective: I know that it's your job to chase after scandals, but I still don't see a case for me. I don't do divorces.

Pola Chapelle: Well, aren't you a romantic! But I'm not talking about a divorce, I'm talking about husband having a life insurance and wife being the benefactor. So could you be a dear and keep an eye on miss Naples?

Pola Chapelle: And what if it's something more? The divorce would ruin both parties, the husband has a life insurance, and Naples isn't exactly a role model.

Detective: Right, right. I'll shadow her. Just to check if your suspicions are correct.

  • 3 photos
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 1 police badge
  • 3 magnifiers
  • 5 footprints

If you fail:

Detective: Naples sure doesn't want to be found. And I have second thoughts about delving so deep in her private life.

If you win:

Detective: Naples was in the financial district, and now is headed for a more seedy part of town. Too seedy for my comfort. I better tell Pola.

City search: What's a Pretty Girl Like You Doing In a Place Like This?Edit

Pola Chapelle: I knew you'd find something! I'll try to check what Naples did in the financial district.

Detective: And I'll keep an eye on her.

The place Marrion is heading is:

  • not more than 2 from railways
  • more than 1 from cafés
  • more than 1 from water
  • not less than 3 from fast foods
  • more than 1 from railways
  • On the map there are 2 cafés
Screenshot 2014-07-17-15-13-52

Solution: (2,9)

If you fail:

Detective: Where... where did she went? Oh no. Pola will be upset.

If you win:

Detective: The Pink Flamingo. Doesn't look like a nice place for a lady.

Pola Chapelle: Luckily, you're not a lady. And I found this: Naples withdrew a large sum of money from her personal account. Not the joint marital one, mind you.

Detective: You know which buttons to push, don't you? All right, I need to get inside.

Pola Chapelle: And I found this: Naples withdrew a large sum of money from her personal account. Not the joint marital one.

Detective: Place for a lady or not, I'm going in.

Crime scene search: Tète-à-TèteEdit

Pola Chapelle: I'm going to wait by the back entrance. Maybe I'll notice something you won't.

Detective: Take care. I'll try to have a good time inside.

Detective: Sure. I'll handle this.

When you enter the next room:

Detective: Naples is somewhere in the back of the club. Probably somewhere private.

If you enter the room west of office:

Marrion Naples: I want it done discreetly. Today would be perfect. After five o'clock.

???: That'll cost you.

Marrion Naples: I have prepared a considerable sum. Here, count it.

If you enter the room south of storage:

Marrion Naples: Wait... did you hear that?

???: I think someone might be eavesdropping. We need to leave, now.

If you enter storage:

Detective: Looks like Naples was meeting someone, but they left in a hurry when they heard me coming.

Detective: I should go after them... but first, I need some evidence telling me what were they talking about.

Screenshot 2014-07-17-14-52-27

If you fail:

Detective: This is taking too long! They're gone, and I can't find a thing. What now?

If you win:

Detective: Hmmm, they left a picture behind. It's Marrion's husband... with his face crossed.

Pola Chapelle: Hey! Waiting outside the back door was a good idea after all. I got a glimpse at the man who was talking with Naples. A shady looking type.

Detective: And I found this photo. We need to reach Marrion's husband.

Suspect identification: A Package for Mr. NaplesEdit

Detective: This is the place where Mr. Naples works.

Pola Chapelle: And I think I saw the shady man somewhere in the crowd. But I can't seem to find him now.

Detective: I have a bad feeling about this. Tell me how he looks like. I'll find him, and you call the police.

Screenshot 2014-07-17-14-59-20

Solution: Ivan Mogilevich

If you fail:

Detective: Damn. Where did he go. Pola, did you see him?

Pola Chapelle: No. And I think Mr. Naples left the building. The police are on their way, but without a tail on the shady type, they might arrive too late.

If you win:

Lucy Gordon: I got a call from Miss Chapelle. What's the emergency?

Detective: That man over there. He's got a gun. I'm sure he was paid by Marrion Naples to kill her husband.

Lucy Gordon: I'm surprised you called me, tough guy. I'll handle it from here.

Lucy Gordon: It's good that you called me. I'll handle it from here.


If you fail:

Pola Chapelle: It's a pity we lost Naples. I feel it would make a great article.

Detective: There's always a next time, Pola. You need to wait for your chance.

If you win:

Pola Chapelle: I hope my hero heard the good news! Mrs. Naples and the hitman were arrested by the police, and Mr. Naples is safe.

Detective: I got to be the hero, and you were the first to cover the story. I assume a promotion is on it's way?

Pola Chapelle: What can I say? Everyone got what they deserved. Speaking of which, maybe you'd like to grab a coffee someday?

Pola Chapelle: You might consider yourself a hero. Mrs. Naples and the hitman were arrested by the police, and Mr. Naples is safe.

Detective: I got to be the hero, and you were the first to cover the story. I assume a promotion is on it's way?

Pola Chapelle: Everyone got what they deserved. Speaking of which, how about we go shopping someday?

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