Someone's been snooping around my office and I need to know why.

Pola doesn't believe that someone's been moving my newspapers. But I can prove it!


Pola Chapelle: It's been a long time, detective. What are you up to?

Detective: It may sound a bit weird, but... I think someone's been snooping around my appartment. I'm sure it happens every time I leave the office.

Pola Chapelle: You can't be serious! That sounds quite paranoic.

Detective: I am serious and so should you. I could use your help. Someone scatters my newspapers every time I'm not in my office, and...

Pola Chapelle: I'm a journalist, not your house service!

Detective: Wait, I didn't mean...

Detective: She hung up on me!

Detective: But I've checked over a hundred newspapers... someone moves them every time I'm out!


Detective: Someone must have managed to pick up through my locks. Some talented thief, perhaps. I need to find evidence to support my theory. Someone must have seen them.

  • 3 maps
  • 2 photos
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 1 fingerprint
  • 2 photos
  • 2 maps
  • 3 fingerprints
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 1 photo
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 1 map
  • 2 photos

If you fail:

Detective: I've got no solid proof. Even if there was a break-in at my office, nothing important is missing.

If you win:

Detective: Well I'll be...! No signs of a break-in, not even a scratch on the lock

Bevis Tickle: Hey, I heard you're looking for someone who might know something about a break-in at your office. I'm a windows cleaner and I think I can help you.

Bevis Tickle: I was outside your window and saw someone inside. And it sure wasn't you. I'd recognize that tough chin anywhere.

Bevis Tickle: I was outside your window and saw someone inside. And it sure wasn't you. I'd recognize that cute smile anywhere.

Detective: Great! That's a perfect lead!

Suspect identification: Building a CaseEdit

Detective: All right: describe the person you saw in my office.

Bevis Tickle: Sure thing!

Newspaper nightmare suspect identification solution

Solution: Alvar Rietveld

If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, but that's one of my associates, not the burglar.

Bevis Tickle: Oh, right. I didn't thought about that.

If you win:

Bevis Tickle: That's him! But... who is he?

Detective: That's the weird part. I know that guy, he's an architect. Why would he want to break into my office? I need to find out!

Crime scene search: Meticulous PlanningEdit

Detective: I can't seem to find Alvar Rietveld, but the Governor's Palace is his most famous work. I wonder what secrets are hidden inside. Maybe I'll even find clues about Rietveld's current location.

When you examine the lever in northwest room:

Detective: I wonder how many secret passages Rietveld built in this place... and what is he hiding from me

Newspaper nightmare crime scene search solution

If you fail:

Detective: Nothing useful in here. The Governor's Palace was constructed a long time ago. Maybe the building outlasted its creator.

If you win:

Detective: A detailed plan of the whole city, with certain locations meticulously marked on it. And there are lines connecting them. What could those be?

City search: Sketchy SituationEdit

Detective: I need to crack the meaning of this plan. Maybe I can follow the lines...

The lines lead to:

  • exactly 4 from ports
  • more than 3 from the stadium
  • more than 3 from casinos
  • more than 1 from museums
  • not on railways
  • more than 2 from factories
  • more than 1 from shops
  • more than 1 from police stations
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 2 casinos

When you find the bonus case in (7,10):

Miguela Lawless: Hey, detective? Do you have a second? Did you hear about the rumors?

Detective: I'm in the middle of a case. What rumors are you talking about?

Miguela Lawless: About the legendary Black Forest cake, here in town!

Detective: A cake, you say? That sounds mouth-watering, Miguela. I'll check it out as soon as I have the time!

Newspaper nightmare city search solution

Solution: (2,9)

If you fail:

Detective: I don't get it. Nothing on the map matches reality. Maybe it was some kind of bizarre project, abandoned long time ago.

If you win:

Detective: Those lines are leading to my office!

Detective: I get it now! Those are hidden passages. That's how the architect managed to get into my office without picking any locks.

Detective: It's time to set up a trap...


If you fail:

Detective: Not all is lost. I just need to keep watching the newspapers. Maybe they'll move again. Eventually.

If you win:

Detective: Mr. Rietveld! I admit that I admire your work. But don't you think it's rude to come into my office without an invitation?

Alvar Rietveld: No, no! You don't understand. I'm doing important work! Take a look at this spot where the joist connects to the load-bearing wall. You'll see how the stress is causing small cracks in the plaster? Detective: Uh... please, carry on.

Alvar Rietveld: I told those fools at the city hall, that the heavy train traffic will cause the building to subside quicker than usual. But they wouldn't listen! I have to do all by myself.

Detective: So this is what you are doing? Creeping beneath the town, using your secret passages to check on the buildings you designed?

Alvar Rietveld: Secret? Bah! They just don't know where to look. And yes, there are a lot of buildings that require my attention. I made a promise, that none of my buildings will collapse before my time here is over!

Detective: That's... very noble of you. A bit eccentric, but noble. You know what? Don't worry about my office. Just leave me some money and I'll take care of it.