Getting medicine for a friendly doctor might require thinking outside the box.

"The doctors are on short supply of cough medicine and Bob Martens asked me personally to fix the problem."


Bob Martens: Good to see you, detective. This whole sugar ban is causing problems. As a doctor, I strongly support a healthy lifestyle, but there are adverse side effects...

Detective: You mean people need to eat sugar?

Bob Martens: Well, everyone needs carbohydrates, but that's not the point. Some kinds of medicine, like cough-drops, use sugar as an ingredient.

Bob Martens: Theoretically, they should be in ample supply. But they're not. The phaarmacies are almost empty. I need you to find a supply of cough-drops, and fast.

Detective: That might be tricky, but I'll see what I can do.


Detective: Maybe someone heard about a way to get cough-drops, legally... or not.

  • 2 maps
  • 1 fingerprint
  • 4 photos
  • 2 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 2 photos

If you fail:

Detective: Darn it. There isn't a single cough-drop in the pharmacies. The sugar ban sure has it's drawbacks. Bob will be very disappointed.

If you win:

Detective: There isn't a single cough-drop in the pharmacies, but under-the-counter cough-drops are being sold by... private entrepreneurs. Maybe I should check that out.

Suspect identification: Supply and DemandEdit

Leonardo McLean: Hi, this is McLean. What's up?

Detective: This might sound weird, but I'm in need of some cough-drops. You know anyone who sells them?

Leonardo McLean: You called me some time ago, didn't you, darling? Sorry, but I was outta town. Anything you wanted to tell me?

Detective: Uhhh, nothing, nothing important. Look, I'm in need of some cough-drops. You know anyone who sells them?

Leonardo McLean: Huh, I probably shouldn't ask why. I've got this pal called Mickey. Might have what you need, but I haven't seen him in a long time. Tell him to give me a call some day, will you?

Detective: Sure thing, Leo. Just describe this Mickey for me.

Screenshot 2014-08-05-22-33-58

Solution: Michael Mauer

If you fail:

Detective: I can't find this Mickey fellow anywhere. Leo could've given me better hints.

If you win:

Detective: Hi there Mickey. McLean sent me. I have a *cought* health problem. Maybe you could help me out?

Michael Mauer: Sorry pal, but I'm all out. I'm almost out of the business, anyway. There's a new supplier and I can't compete with those prices.

Detective: Point me to one of your former clients, and I'll find out who's the news guy in town.

Crime scene search: Private VisitEdit

Detective: This penthouse belongs to one of Mickey's former clients. I should find out where do they buy the cough-drops now. Luckily, the cleaning lady let me in while the owner isn't home.

Mouth-watering medicine crime scene search solution

If you fail:

Detective: There's nothing here. Maybe the client decided to drop his habit.

If you win:

Detective: It's a prescription... but something is off. It looks phoney. Hmmm. This stamp here looks familiar. I should trace this prescription to its origins.

City search: Check-upEdit

Detective: I need to find where the prescription came from. I guess it shouldn't be too far away.

The place where the prescription was forged is:

  • exactly 4 from a museum
  • more than 2 from landmarks
  • more than 2 from offices
  • more than 1 from shops
  • On the map there are 3 landmaks
Screenshot 2014-08-05-22-14-58

Solution: (6,8)

If you fail:

Detective: It's useless. Any crooked doctor could have forged the prescription.

If you win:

Detective: So, you're responsible for the false prescriptions!

Jessica Kevor: You again?! You destroyed my life, my career! You and Bravucci! I had to close down my clinic because of you!

Detective: You tried to blackmail him. You got your punishment.

Jessica Kevor: A punishment more severe than a one dealt by court of law. Punishment dealt by a man who ended in jail himself!

Detective: Yes, you're right. I made a mistake to trust Bravucci. I know I won't do it again. But you? Forging prescriptions so people can buy cough medicine?

Detective: You made the same mistake all over again. And you need to pay for it, doctor Kevor. The police will take it from here.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Bob. The sugar ban is a real problem. With sweet products rationed and criminals trying to use the situation to their advantage...

Bob Martens: I get it. I just thought there is maybe some other way.

If you win:

Bob Martens: I've heard the news! So, fake prescriptions, huh? I should've known...

Detective: Well, that problem is solved. And while you wait for an official delivery, I can introduce you to a... entrepreneur who can privde[sic] them for a charge.

Bob Martens: Normally, I would've say[sic] "no", but with my patients at stake... just tell me where to find him, I'll figure out the details.

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