Your neighbors put up a fight when an important tradition is threatened.

"The sugar ban affected traditional baking and housewives asked me to find a way to lift the restrictions."


Miguela Lawless: Could you help me out? With the sugar-ban, basic foodstuffs used in baking pies are rationed. And I'm not the only dedicated baker with this problem.

Miguela Lawless: Together with some meeighbors I founded the Housewives Club. We recruit everyone, from soccer mums to businesswomen... and guys too. Everyone likes a good pie.

Detective: So, where do I come in? You want me to join?

Miguela Lawless: That would be lovely, but... I was wondering if you could help us solve the rationing problem. Just like you helped doctor Martens?

Detective: Miguela, I can't be just running around breaking the law. But I promise you, I'll see what I can do.


Detective: This looks like a tough case. Maybe I should interview people from the Housewives Club and their associates.

  • 2 photos
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 3 maps
  • 4 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 2 maps

If you fail:

Detective: Rules are rules. There's no way the housewives are going to bypass them.

If you win:

Detective: There are rumors suggesting that someone managed to by-pass the sugar ban. There's a bakery that specializes in selling baking ingredients. I should check it out.

City search: The Smell of Freshly-Baked CookiesEdit

Detective: I need to find the place selling baking ingredients. It should be somewhere in this area, a plain industrial building.

The bakery is:

  • exactly 6 from a post office
  • more than 2 from theaters
  • more than 1 from factories
  • more than 1 from clubs
  • On the map there are 2 theaters
  • On the map there are 2 factories
  • On the map there are 3 clubs
Screenshot 2014-08-05-23-47-04

Solution: (4,2)

If you fail:

Detective: I thought finding a bakery woukdn't be so hard. What to do now?

If you win:

Detective: This looks like the place. Because of the sugar ban, the bakery is pretty well protected. Yet somehow someone managed to get more ingredients then normal. Interesting.

Crime scene search: Iron RationsEdit

Detective: I should poke around the bakery. The buyer probably left something behind I can use.

Screenshot 2014-08-05-23-20-16

If you fail:

Detective: I better scram before someone sees me. The cops are so nervous these days, I could get arrested for just loitering here.

If you win:

Detective: A check for the baking supplies. Oh, that's a lot of ration stamps attached. So the purchase was legal, but someone had a bucketload of ration stamps.

Suspect Identification: Baking by the DozenEdit

Detective: The signature on the check is illegible. If the person comes here regularly, maybe I should just stake out the bakery?

Screenshot 2014-07-26-00-01-44

Solution: Patience de Monde

If you fail:

Detective: I guess the client wants to remain anonymous. Without knowing his or hers identity, I won't be able to do a thing for the Housewives Club.

If you win:

Detective: Mrs. de Monde? Could I ask you why are you buying such a large amount of baking sugar? It's rationed, after all.

Patience de Monde: Oh, don't worry dear, I have the rations taps right here. Al gave them to me. He has a party tomorrow. Everyone will be there. Commissioner Valentino, Judge Harshfield, Mr. Jameson...

Detective: You mean Alphonse Covet? The mayor? Say, could you do me a small favor? Miguela Lawless started a baking club. Maybe you'd like to become a member?

Patience de Monde: Certainly, dear! The more bakers, the merrier.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Miguela. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with the ingredients you have. I just don't think there's a valid way to by-pass the ban or influence the mayor in any way.

Miguela Lawless: What a pity. Maybe I'll be able to scrounge something up from all the club members. Thanks for the effort, though.

If you win:

Miguela Lawless: Detective! Patience de Monde volunteered to join the club. She personally knows mayor Covet and bakes for him! Even more, she promised to talk with him about the sugar ban!

Detective: I guess traditional baking is back in the game, isn't it?

Miguela Lawless: Exactly! And all thanks to you! Would you like a slice of apple pie?

Detective: How could I resist?

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