Someone tries to discredit your friend as part of the election campaign!

"Sam Lowry is being followed by some spook with a camera, and the mayor wants the matter resolved quickly."


Alphonse Covet: Someone 's trying to dig up a scandal in the city hall, detective. They're harassing one of my employees.

Detective: Looks like an attempt to turn the tide of the elections. And your opponent has just the means to use such information.

Alphonse Covet: You've got a knack for politics, I'll give you that. Yes, I suspect this is Jameson's plot.

Detective: I'll say it straight - do you think there really is something worth digging up?

Alphonse Covet: You should ask my employee personally. You already know Sam Lowry, don't you?


Detective: How did you manage to get in trouble again, Sam? Is this something about you and Jill?

Sam Lowry: No, no! I, uh... I've got a lot of work right now. As Covet's assistant I deal both with the city hall and his campaign staff.

Sam Lowry: I barely cope with it at all. And I... sometimes I need a boost of energy, you know? So I...

Detective: You eat candy. Figures. A candy-eating assistant working for the anti-sugar mayor. A perfect card in Jameson's game. Does he have any proof?

Sam Lowry: He might. I think some spook was following me around, taking pictures. They might have a photo of me buying candy. You've got to stop them!

  • 2 photos
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 1 photo
  • 6 maps
  • 1 photo
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 3 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: Even if someone got wind about Sam's lack of judgment, they're long gone by now.

If you win:

Detective: So, you're still stalking my friend, huh? Spill the beans, or...

Bart Olsen: Please, don't hurt me! I'm not even a real photographer! The photos were for the chief of a small editorial office. I even got the camera from them. I swear!

City Search: Extra, Extra! Read all about it!Edit

Detective: I have to find the editorial office that paparazzo talked about.

CH4C4 HeadlineHunters 01 CitySearch Solution

Solution: (5,9)

If you fail:

Detective: This isn't the place. Maybe that paparazzo was lying, after all?

If you win:

Detective: Uh-huh! Just like I thought, the local office for the Daily News. I should hang around for a while.

Suspect identification: Exclusive InterviewEdit

Detective: I need to confront the editor-in-chief. Luckily, they should be coming to work soon.

CH4C4 HeadlineHunters 02 SuspectID Solution

Solution: Pola Chapelle

If you fail:

Detective: That's not the editor-in-chief. It's a small office, probably no one of importance ever comes here.

If you win:

Detective: Pola! What should I do now? Confronting her just like that is out of the question. I need to gather some proof that she really is mixed up in this.

Crime scene search: Orphans and WidowsEdit

Detective: No one should be inside the office right now. I just need to look around for the photos of Lowry...

Detective: What's this? This is clearly Pola's room, but the cork-boards are covered with photos and clippings of.. me!

CH4C4 HeadlineHunters 03 CrimeScene 02 Solution

If you fail:

Detective: I don't think I can find solid proof that Pola was somehow connected to the plot.

If you win:

Detective: *sigh* Those are probably the photos. I 'll just need to expose the film to the light, and everything will be gone.

Pola Chapelle: Ahem. Would you kindly put that down and tell me what are you doing in my office?

Detective: No, I won't. You failed my trust, Pola. Going after my friend Sam like that!

Pola Chapelle: How can you be rooting for him? He's munching candy on the job!

Detective: Sam's a good man, he's just under a lot of pressure. You and your boss aren't making things easier for him.

Pola Chapelle: You think I'm doing this for Jameson's campaign?

Detective: That would explain your new post as the editor-in-chief, wouldn't it?

Pola Chapelle: You're destroying evidence instead of doing what's right? Fine, I won't tell anyone about Lowry. The photos are already gone, anyway. Just get out of my office.


If you fail:

Alphonse Covet: Is it taken care of, detective?

Detective: I'm afraid not, sir. Even if someone really has some scandalous materials against Sam Lowry, I can't get to them.

Alphonse Covet: A pity I'll need to send Sam Lowry on an unpaid leave till this gets sorted out.

If you win:

Detective: I've destroyed the evidence. Sam can sleep peacefully now. You better give him a few days off, you know. This whole affair has really gotten to him.

Alphonse Covet: Maybe you're right. I'll send your check ASAP.

Detective: Am I? I tried helping one friend and exchanged blows with another.

Detective: And all those clippings about me in Pola's office? Maybe Sam can sleep peacefully, but I can't. That's for sure.

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