A famous actor has a problem with risk management.

"The case started with John Bravucci losing money on poker night (I don't blame him), and asking me to find the gambling cheat (I don't blame him either)."


John Bravucci: Good to see you face to face for the first time. Say, detective, are you a gambling man?

Detective: Well, for me gambling is about losing money in an entertaining fashion, and I'm more like the earning money type of guy. Why are you asking?

John Bravucci: I lost a lot of money yesterday, and it sure wasn't entertaining. It was a scheme, I was cheated!

Detective: Whoa. That's serious. Who cheated you?

John Bravucci: I... I don't know. Too many chips changing hands, too many people... too many drinks. You know how it is. That is why I need you to find who did it!

John Bravucci: You look even better than I imagined, detective, Please, call me John. Tell me, do you enjoy the thrills of a game of cards?

Detective: I'm a good girl, John. I'm not very much into gambling, if you're trying to ask me out, that is.

John Bravucci: Ha! I would, believe me, darling, but I have a serious problem at hand. Someone cheated me out of my money at a poker table.

Detective: Was the cheat named "Ill Judgement"? When you gamble you need to deal with the fact that you can lose, John.

John Bravucci: I like your vicious sense of humor! I'm convinced someone cheated me, I just don't know who. Too many chips changing hands, too many people... That's why I need you!


Detective: I'm not sure Bravucci was really cheated out of his money. I need to find some proof.

  • 5 magnifiers
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 1 police badge
  • 3 photos
  • 3 questions

If you fail:

Detective: I guess Bravucci became the victim of his gambling habit. He lost fair and square, and there is nothing I can do for him.

If you win:

Detective: So it wasn't a honest game after all. There was a professional cheat at the table.

Suspect identification: Jacks, Kings and a QueenEdit

Detective: We're looking for a professional cheat, and there aren't many in the city. Could you recall how the other players looked like?

John Bravucci: Okay. I'll see what I can do. But my memory is a bit blurry, and I still have a terrible headache.

Screenshot 2014-07-16-14-23-36

Solution: Van Thu Cam

If you fail:

Detective: This is no use, Mr. Bravucci. If you want to gamble, could you at least avoid other vices?

John Bravucci: Not so loud, please!

|-[Female detective=[Detective]]: This is no use, Mr. Bravucci. I suspect gambling wasn't the only vice you were encouraged to succumb to the other night?

John Bravucci: If you want to taunt me darling, keep your voice down, please!

If you win:

Detective: Van Thu Cam, a notorious cheat with a state-wide casino ban. It's funny she risked so much to play again. But hey, that's the nature of gamblers.

City search: The House Wins AllEdit

Detective: Okay. I need to find Van Thu Cam. She's probably hiding in some innocent place.

The gambler is hiding:

  • not more than 1 from a golf club
  • not more than 2 from a post office
  • more than 2 from churches
  • more than 1 from canal
  • more than 1 from post offices
  • On the map there are 3 golf clubs
  • On the map there are 2 churches
Screenshot 2014-07-16-14-31-00

Solution: (7,7)

If you fail:

Detective: No luck. Van probably has a very good hideout.

If you win:

Mary Christiansen: May the Lord bless you! Welcome to the St. Jerome's Orphanage. Are you here for the charity fundraiser?

Detective: Uhm, no, sorry. I'm looking for a notorious gambler, Van Thu Cam.

Mary Christiansen: Mrs. Cam was indeed a slave to her own habits, but that changed. She's now the janitor at the orphanage. A quiet, humble woman.

Crime scene search: A Well Placed BetEdit

Detective: Van Thu Cam night be a new person, but I'm sure she was at the casino the other night. If I could only find a poker chip to prove it...

Screenshot 2014-07-16-14-36-23

If you fail:

Detective: No luck with finding evidence. Maybe Van is really innocent after all?

If you win:

Van Thu Cam: Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here?

Detective: Hello, Van. Mr. Bravucci wants his money back. I found one casino chip. but where's the rest?

Van Thu Cam: I... I don't have it. I cheated Bravucci so I could give the money to the orphanage's fundraiser. I kept the last chip as a memento of my past misdeeds.

Detective: A crook with a golden heart? Well, I'll contact Bravucci and he'll decide what to do with you.


If you fail:

John Bravucci: So, detective? Where's the cheat? Where's my money?

Detective: I'm sorry, John. It's gone. Maybe it's time to reconsider gambling.

John Bravucci: You underestimate me. I can get back on my feet. Just one more game. I'll win back my money. I'll be the one who laughs last!

John Bravucci: You underestimate me, darling. I'll show you how Bravucci gets it done. I'll win back my money and nothing will stop me!

If you win:

John Bravucci: I've been waiting long enough. Where's my money?!

Detective: The money is... inaccessible. It was donated to a charity fundraiser. If you take it back, you're up for a big scandal. But I think you can profit from this.

Detective: We can arrange that you were the official donor. Just imagine the headlines. John Bravucci, great philantropist, donated money to charity!

John Bravucci: Maybe you're right. The press slandered me for my gambling, but now I have the chance to win back the hearts and minds of my fans.

John Bravucci: Speaking of winning hearts... Maybe I should drop by the casino for a quick game of cards!

Detective: Yeah, it's your lucky day. I'm sure that'll turn out just fine.

John Bravucci: So, did you get my money back?

Detective: The money is... inaccessible. It was donated to a charity fundraiser. If you take it back, you're up for a big scandal. But I think you can profit from this.

Detective: We can arrange that you were the official donor. Just imagine the headlines.John Bravucci, great philantropist, donated money to charity!

John Bravucci: Well, maybe I was going a bit too far with the bad boy attitude. I could use some good publicity. I need to win back the hearts and minds of my fans.

John Bravucci: Speaking of winning hearts... Is a casino date out of the question?

Detective: John, after all you've been through. I won't help you fuel your habit. But if you ever think of some other place to go, you know my number.

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