Pola wants me to go after Bravucci against all odds.

"Valentino's notes point to a number of locations around town. Maybe Bravucci is hiding at one of them."


Pola Chapelle: I'm glad you talked with Valentino. Now we know we're on the right track!

Detective: Yeah, and we also know this might be dangerous. Someone forced Valentino to resign because of this case.

Pola Chapelle: Chin up! We'll get whoever is behind Bravucci. Did you find anything useful in his notes?

Detective: He marked several locations around the city. Apparently there have been reports of a person similar to Bravucci in all those places.

Pola Chapelle: Then what are you waiting for? Check them out! Find something good, and I'll have the paycheck ready.


Detective: I ned to go through Valentino's notes. Maybe someone on the street will shed some light on Bravucci's current location.

  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • Thief: 3 knuckles
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 4 photos
  • 5 maps
  • Policeman: 5 donuts

If you fail:

Detective: Valentino's notes aren't very useful. He got kicked out of the office before he could uncover something really sensitive.

If you win:

???: I have good advice for you, friend. Stay off this case or something bad will happen to you. Bravucci is mine.

Detective: What? Who are you?!

???: You have been warned. <click>

Detective: He hung up! But who was it?

Detective: I need to get to Bravucci before that shady fella. Luckily, one person saw someone similar to Bravucci at one of the locations marked in Valentino's notes.

Detective: An old part of the subway system!

Crime scene search: Down the DrainEdit

Detective: Apparently Bravucci was hiding somewhere in this old part of the subway system. I need to find some proof.

Screenshot 2014-08-01-17-03-18

If you fail:

Detective: I think Valentino made a mistake in his notes. There's nothing here but rats and rags.

If you win:

Detective: This place is empty, but I'm sure it was Bravucci's hideout for some time after the prison break. And here's the proof: a broken alarm scrambler he used during his escape.

Detective: Hmmm... maybe I'll be able to find out who supplied Bravucci with the scrambler.

Suspect identification: Helping HandEdit

Detective: I need to figure out who had access to an alarm scrambler. Maybe it was someone who had access to this kind of devices in the past?

Screenshot 2014-08-01-17-10-07

Solution: Patience de Monde

If you fail:

Detective: Great! It looks like you can buy an alarm scrambler in the supermarket!

If you win:

Detective: It's you again. I'm losing patience, Patience. I never figured you for a killer, so why did you help Bravucci escape?

Patience de Monde: Let's say I felt the need to involve myself in this investigation of your before you did anything stupid. You're underestimating the stakes.

Patience de Monde: I needed to keep Bravucci away from the people who want to get him. Including you, of course. I tried to warn Valentino but he didn't listen. And look what happened to him!

Detective: You can't stop me, Patience. I'll get the truth from Bravucci, like it or not.

Patience de Monde: Go ahead. But I'm afraid you're misjudging John - he won't tell you a word.

City search: The Rest is SilenceEdit

Detective: Lucy, I need your help. Patience de Monde is still under house arrest, right? Did she leave her home recently?

Lucy Gordon: Let me check. Yup, she was granted a one day leave to the countryside because of health reasons. I can give you the details.

Detective: Great. I'm certain she made a detour on the way...

Bravucci's hideout is:

  • not more than 2 from a port
  • not more than 2 from a campsite
  • less than 1 from parks
  • more than 2 from banks
  • not 4 from clubs
  • not more than 5 from warehouses
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 4 campsites
  • On the map there are 2 warehouses
Screenshot 2014-08-01-17-21-04

Solution: (9,10)

If you fail:

Detective: Darn it. Patience de Monde knows where Bravucci is, she's just too smart to lead me to him.

If you win:

Detective: Here you are, John. Hiding in a monastery. I almost didn't recognize you.

John Bravucci: ...

Detective: It's no use to delay the inevitable. Tell me, did you kill Paul Litzer?

John Bravucci: <shakes his head>

Detective: Then who did it?

John Bravucci: ...

Detective: Oh, no. You joined the monastery? Made some kind of vow of silence?

John Bravucci: <nods his head>

Detective: Great. Outsmarted by Patience de Monde once again.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry Pola, but I just can't find Bravucci. All my leads turned out to me dead ends.

Pola Chapelle: I just hope no one reached him first.

If you win:

Patience de Monde: I assume you already had a "chat" with Bravucci?

Detective: Yeah. You played me for a fool. What did were you trying to prove?

Patience de Monde: You underestimated Bravucci. He really feels bad about what happened with Litzer. And he knows he was framed. Sure, he started the fire, but Litzer was already dead by then. The inferno cover up all the tracks.

Patience de Monde: But John won't talk. He knows the person responsible is powerful and ruthless. He made the vow of silence to protect himself. But also to protect Chapelle and you.

Detective: I don't need protection. I need the truth.

Patience de Monde: You can't handle the truth. You can push forward, but you'll only put the people close to you in danger. This isn't a game, not anymore.

Patience de Monde: Here, a check for you. This is the sum Chapelle promised you for finding Bravucci. Take it and forget about him.

Detective: Maybe Patience is right? What if I'm putting people in danger because of Pola? I need to think about this thoroughly. And with this paycheck, I'll be able to make ends meet.

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