Time to bury the hatchet with Chapelle and fight a common enemy.

"Pola Chapelle wants me to confront Bravucci and find out why did he kill her father."


Pola Chapelle: I see you made up your mind about helping me in the investigation.

Detective: Don't be too flattered. Thanks to your article, I haven't had a decent case in months. I'm in it for money.

Pola Chapelle: You can play a tough guy if you want, but I know you want to find out why my father was killed as much as I do. That doesn't mean I expect you to do it for free.

Pola Chapelle: You can play a tough girl if you want, but I know you want to find out why my father was killed as much as I do. That doesn't mean I expect you to do it for free.

Detective: Good we have that settled. So what's the plan?

Pola Chapelle: I managed to arrange a visit for you at the State Penitentiary.

Detective: Planning a chat with Bravucci? Just let me at him!


Detective: There's a lot of cops here. I don't think this is normal prison security.

  • 4 fingerprints
  • 4 maps
  • Policeman: 10 donuts
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 4 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 3 photos

If you fail:

Detective: The cops won't let me anywhere near the prison. I think something bad happened, but I don't know what.

If you win:

Detective: Good to see you, sweetie. What happened here?

Detective: Good to see you, Lucy. What happened here?

Lucy Gordon: Bravucci escaped! The commissioner mobilized half the police force, but we can't find him.

Detective: That can't be a coincidence. I wanted to interrogate him in relation to Litzer's death.

Lucy Gordon: So you're working again with Chapelle, huh? You know I don't trust her. Maybe Bravucci's escape is a good excuse to give up the case.

Detective: I need this case. I need Pola to restore my reputation. So give me all you have on Bravucci. I'll get him.

Suspect identification: Vanishing of John BravucciEdit

Lucy Gordon: Apparently Bravucci disappeared into thin air. The guards checked the usual places: his cell, the yard, the cafeteria, the library where he did his prison duty. No luck.

Detective: Check the prison records. The slammer is a small place. Maybe someone can tell us more about Bravucci. A prisoner or a guard.

Screenshot 2014-07-31-23-33-44

Solution: Chuck Fudge Fudd

If you fail:

Detective: Apparently Bravucci kept to himself, and he had no cellmates at the time of his disappearance.

If you win:

Detective: That's our man. Chuck Fudd a.k.a. Fudge. He was Bravucci's cell mate but he was released just a day before Bravucci vanished.

Lucy Gordon: That's not a coincidence, either. Let's find him.

City search: Rustic RedemptionEdit

Detective: Apparently Fudge left the city just after his release.

Lucy Gordon: I heard his parents live on a farm somewhere around here. Let's check it out.

Bravucci's cellmate is:

  • not more than 1 from a farm
  • more than 1 from warehouses
  • not more than 2 from a campsite
  • not more than 2 from railways
  • more than 1 from restaurants
  • On the map there are 6 farms
  • On the map there are 3 campsites
  • On the map there are 2 warehouses
Screenshot 2014-07-31-23-42-59

Solution: (6,10)

If you fail:

Detective: Looks like Fudge doesn't want to be found. Maybe he did help Bravucci... but without catching him, there's no proof.

If you win:

Detective: Hi there, Fudge. You knew that your friend Bravucci escaped prison, right?

Chuck "Fudge" Fudd: What? I know nothing about that, officer.

Detective: Sure you do. He couldn't have escaped without your help. I can arrange a return trip to the slammer if that will help your memory.

Chuck "Fudge" Fudd: OK! I helped him. Kind of. I hated kitchen duty or working in the garden, you know. So when Bravucci offered to switch jobs, I gladly accepted. The guards were sloppy, they only did a head count. Didn't bother with names.

Detective: So you got his job at the library, and Bravucci took over the garden and kitchen duty? That explains a lot. You got lucky this time. Try staying away from prison for a while, OK?

Crime scene search: Green YardEdit

Detective: Help me, sweetie. I need to get inside the prison and find out how Bravucci escaped.

Detective: Help me, girl. I need to get inside the prison and find out how Bravucci escaped.

Lucy Gordon: It's not simple, girl. I might be able to arrange something with the warden, but turning the alarms and giving you a key to all the doors is out of the question.

Detective: Don't worry. If Bravucci managed to escape, I'll manage to sneak in.

If you examine the shelving in either the shed or the boilers:

Detective: This piece of furniture was placed here to hide something. I just need something to budge it.

Screenshot 2014-07-31-23-57-31

If you fail:

Detective: No luck.

If you win:

Detective: There's a note among the pieces of the package.

Detective: "You're not safe in prison. The detective is coming for you. Use this jailer's disguise to escape. I assume your acting skills might come in handy. Use the old doorway to the boiler room, it's hidden in the shed. When you're free lay down for a while, then meet me at my place."

Lucy Gordon: Somebody helped him escape. Someone from the outside, who managed to get this package inside the prison. Someone with experience and the resources to pull off something like that.

Detective: This is bigger than I thought. I need to talk to Pola Chapelle. Thanks for your support, sweetie.

Detective: This is bigger than I thought. I need to talk to Pola Chapelle. Thanks for your support, girl.


If you fail:

Detective: This isn't working, Pola. I've got nothing for you.

Pola Chapelle: So you're going to chicken out? Typical. I'll use my own resources to get to the truth. I know there's something big behind my father's death, I just know it!

If you win:

Pola Chapelle: Thanks for giving me the whole story. You know what this means, right? Bravucci was probably working for someone. And that someone arranged his escape from prison.

Detective: I'm not sure if the truth is so simple. I just hope we'll be able to catch Bravucci and make him talk.

Pola Chapelle: And the police? Are they doing anything to find him?

Detective: I was working with Lucy on this case. They're trying as hard as they can.

Pola Chapelle: Apparently that's not enough! First, they allowed him to escape, and now they can't find him. Are they incompetent or stalling the investigation on purpose?

Detective: Don't get too paranoid, Pola. Hold your temper and wait for the results. And speaking of results, I thin a paycheck would be in order...

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