Lawyer's daughter is missing, kidnapping suspected.

"The case that changed my career started with Mr. Duffing's daughter, Daisy, missing. Her father suspected kidnapping and I decided to save the day."

There is one Bonus Case that can be found.


Lionel Duffing: Detective, I think something terrible might have happened to my daughter Daisy!

Detective: Daisy? The girl I helped with the lost cat?

Lionel Duffing: This time, it's her who's missing! I came back from work and she wasn't there, I looked everywhere! Find her, I'll pay anything you want!

Detective: I charge per day plus expenses, Mr. Duffing. And I'll find her, I promise.


Detective: No ransom note, no phone calls... Where are you Daisy? Someone must have seen you.

  • 5 donuts
  • 3 photos
  • 1 police badge
  • 5 maps
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 1 knuckle
  • 3 lockpicks

If you fail:

Detective: Daisy disappeared without a trace. The police will have to take it from here.

If you win:

Detective: Witnesses remember her asking around for a kitten, again. I need to talk with her father.

Suspect identification: Have You Seen This Girl?Edit

Detective: She went after a cat and could be anywhere, Mr. Duffing. We need to make a "missing girl" poster.

Detective: Ill ask you questions and you'll answer them as best as you can. Then we'll make a composite drawing. Let's get started!

Lionel Duffing: Well, she is blonde...

Screenshot 2014-07-15-16-19-52

If you fail:

Lionel Duffing: It's terrible! She doesn't look a bit like my daughter!

Detective: Don't worry. We'll find a way.

If you win:

Lionel Duffing: That's it! She looks exactly like Daisy!

Detective: Let's copy this and post it everywhere we can.

City search: She Went That Way!Edit

Bob Martens: I think I saw the girl somewhere in the eastern part of the neighbourhood.

Detective: Thanks! I'm on my way to find her!

The girl you are looking for is:

  • more than 2 from restaurants
  • exactly 3 from a port
  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • not more than 1 from a factory
  • On the map there are 2 ports

There are candies in (3,6)

When you find the bonus case in (1,2):

Mario Delgadillo: Buon giorno, detective! Do you have a minute?

Detective: I'm busy right now. A little girl's safety is on my hands.

Mario Delgadillo: Sorry, haven't seen her - she must be in a different part of the neighborhood. But when you find her, give me a visit. I need your help!

Screenshot 2014-07-15-16-43-21

Solution: (5,9)

If you fail:

Detective: It's no use. I can't waste anymore time.

If you win:

Detective: A derelict building. A perfect hiding place for a kitten... or a small girl.

Crime scene search: Playing Hide and SeekEdit

Detective: I think I heard something... like someone's been here. The question is was it Daisy... or someone else?

If you enter the room south of storage:

Old Mobster: I'm telling you boss, the girl is hiding somewhere here. She heard us talking!

Boss: So find her and... you know what to do.

Detective: I must do something!

Detective: This is the police! You are surrounded! Walk out with your hands up!

Old Mobster: Boss, run! Through the window!

Screenshot 2014-07-15-16-32-29

If you fail:

Detective: Maybe this isn't the right place, after all. I'll better get back to Mr. Duffing.

If you win:

Detective: Here you are, Daisy! You weren't not looking for Narnia, were you?

Daisy Duffing: I went after the kitten into this building. I stumbled upon some bad men talking about selling sugar. They saw me, I hid in the closet. I was really scared!

Detective: It's okay, Daisy. You're safe now.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Lionel. I looked everywhere. I jut can't find her.

Lionel Duffing: Keep trying or I'll sue you.

Detective: He hung up on me!

If you win:

Detective: I found your daughter, Mr. Duffing. She's a brave girl. Outsmarted the mobsters, and found the cat.

Lionel Duffing: And you're a great detective! I already talked with Paul Litzer, and he wants to write an article about you. First page.

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