Unlock the hidden "Bonus Cases" that are found in the stories tagged with a "?" attached by a paperclip. Finding them is indicated by the triggering of a small cutscene, followed by an announcement that the case is unlocked.

Title Where Method
Friendly Faces Like the game on Facebook via the Bank page.
Rogue Recording Valued Vinyl (Crime Scene) In the employee lounge, a recording is hidden inside the locker. (Find a paper clip in the storage room.)
Barber's Briefcase Disappearing Daughter (City Search) Revealing the barber shop in leftmost corner of the map.
Vengeful Vampire Tedious Testament (Crime Scene) By the entrance of the church is a bulletin board, where there is a message.
Prohibited Pinatas Jittery Judge (Crime Scene) In the office, there is a file on the middle desk.
Fishy Fraud Suspicious Strike (Crime Scene) Towards the lower left, just off of the boat's gangplank, is another boat with a bag of bait.
Dramatic Dining Murdering the Mayor (City Search) Revealing the restaurant two squares up from the leftmost location on the map.
Newspaper Nightmare Unlock Chapter 4
Testing Tribute Newspaper Nightmare (City Search)
Vanishing Visitors Testing Tribute (Crime Scene) The top secret document found two rooms above the "Easy" room on the desk.
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