Maybe the city doesn't deserve me right now, but it needs me. I have to stop the asassination.

"The Sugarbomber will strike soon and I still don't know who's the target. Maybe Lucy can help?"


Detective: The Sugarbomber played me for fools. But we'll see who laughs last.

Detective: He knows that I'll clear my name quickly, so he probably planned ahead. The assassination will happen today, I know it.

Detective: I need two things. First, figure out who's the target and when will the attempt take place. Second, contact Lucy and get support.


Detective: I need to hit the streets, talk with people. It's risky with all the police around, but that's the only way to do it.

  • 4 maps
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 3 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • Bomber: 7 magnifiers
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 4 maps
  • Policeman: 10 donuts
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos

If you fail:

Detective: No luck. With all that police on my tail, I'm locked out of all information!

If you win:

Detective: Bingo. There's a big parade today, ending with mayor Covet's speech. I bet he's the target.

Detective: The problem is, I won't get past the security. But I know someone can help me.

City search: Dropping in for CoffeeEdit

Detective: After the fire started by Bravucci, Lucy moved to some other place, and I never bothered to get the address.

Lucy's home is:

  • not more than 4 from a port
  • more than 1 from offices
  • more than 2 from landmarks
  • more than 4 from pubs
  • more than 1 from post offices
  • more than 2 from factories
  • more than 2 from police stations
  • not on water
  • not on railways
  • On the map there are 3 ports
  • On the map there are 4 offices
  • On the map there are 3 landmarks
  • On the map there are 3 pubs
  • On the map there are 3 post offices
  • On the map there are 2 factories
1 CitySearchSolution-1

Solution: (5,8)

If you fail:

Detective: Great. I can't even find out where Lucy lives. Time to rethink my priorities...

If you win:

Detective: Hi there, Lucy. I don't see you without the uniform often. This outfit really suits you.

Lucy Gordon: Thanks. I finally have some time for myself. I didn't really do anything fun in years. And speaking of fun, maybe you could come in for coffee?

Detective: Oh, boy. I'm going to regret this.

Detective: I'd love to, but... I have a lead. I suspects that the Sugarbomber will strike today, during the parade. I need you help with getting inside.

Lucy Gordon: Thanks. I finally have some time for myself. But I'm not the one in trouble here. What's up with you and McLean? I thought he'd by your side.

Detective: I thought that, too.

Detective: I don't care about him. I have something much more important right now - The Sugarbomber. I'll bet he will strike today, during the parade. I need your help with getting inside.

Lucy Gordon: You're kidding me! You're going to risk everything, trying to sneak into a heavily guarded area to stop an assassin?

Lucy Gordon: What are you waiting for! Let's get moving!

Suspect identification: The Wolf Among UsEdit

Detective: Woe, there's a lot of people here. The assassin is probably hiding somewhere in the crowd.

Lucy Gordon: We probably need to split if we're going to find him. Just keep your head down, OK?

2 SuspectIDSolution-0

Solution: Ted Raczynski

If you fail:

Detective: He's hiding better than I thought. I've got no idea what to do now!

If you win:

Detective: He's wearing a disguise! Where's Lucy? We need to go after him!

Pola Chapelle: Well, well. Who do we have here!

Detective: Pola, listen. I need...

Pola Chapelle: You shouldn't have crossed me. But for the old times' sake I'll give you wo minutes before I call the cops. Run!

Detective: I need to hide in a side alley, quick!

Crime scene search: LabyrinthEdit

Lucy Gordon: Here you are! I heard what happened. Do you think Chapelle is working with the Sugarbomber?

Detective: I... I don't think so. That's a long story, we don't have time. The Sugarbomber probably already planted the bomb, so I need to be quick.

Lucy Gordon: Luckily, I've got a piece of info for you. One of the cops said he saw some movement in an old library. He didn't find anyone inside, though.

Detective: This library isn't marked on my map, but it's probably worth checking out, thanks.

If you examine the desk in the second room east of northwest office:

Detective: Hmmm, this looks like the place where the bomber prepared the bomb...

[Remember the color of the wire attached to the triangular piece. That's the wire you need to cut.]

If you examine the stand in the scene:

9 CrimeScene1stPartSolution

Detective: The bomb is ready to go off any time now. I need to disarm it!


If you fail:

Detective: It's too late! I need to clear the area, the bomb is going to blow!

If you win:

Detective: Whew! It didn't go off. Things are looking much better now.

James Valentino: We've got you now! Step away from the bomb, don't even try to arm it.

Detective: *sigh* Right, right. I'll keep my hands above my head...


If you fail:

Detective: What a disaster! If only I could have stopped the Sugarbomber in time. I need to retrace my steps. What did I miss?

If you win:

Alphonse Covet: I've arranged your release and thrown in some cash. Al Covet always pays off his debts. You should thank your friend, officer Gordon. She managed to explain the whole situation.

Alphonse Covet: She's still suspended, though. She broke the procedures. The commissioner is debriefing her right now.

Detective: And what am I supposed to?

Alphonse Covet: Figure it out. You're the detective. Bye.

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